The Little Book of Kabul in London

SOAS Afghan Society will be joined by Francesca Recchia and Lorenzo Tugnoli, the authors of The Little Book of Kabul. The Little Book of Kabul is a book project that depicts a portrait of Kabul through the daily activities of a number of artists who live in the city. With an evocative tone, it focuses […]

The Little Book of Kabul – Launch in Kabul

The Little Book of Kabul is now out in the world.It has reached many houses and hopefully offered a glimpse of unexpected beauty. In the next few weeks, Lorenzo and I will be travelling to present the book and tell the story of its making. This last phase of our journey – obviously – began […]

Book swapping in Kabul

It was such a joy to have the chance to swap books with Bette Dam! Her work is absolutely remarkable: serious, committed, scrupulous – we are really proud to count her among our friends. Her fully-Afghan produced book, A Man and a Motorcycle. How Hamid Karzai Came to Power cam be purchased here. A big […]

Quasi Fellini

Rain, rain. A slow and cold rain. The dull grey sky paints an eerie atmosphere that looks like one of Giorgio De Chirico’s paintings. Kabul is strangely beautiful in this light. Mud softens the sound of our steps, I have the displacing feeling of looking at myself from the outside. The camera is set on […]