“A visual expedition to the Land of Secrets”

Francesca Recchia guides us through the work of Razistan, a collective of photographers that aims to both reveal and transcend the Afghan conflict beyond the photo-reportage of war, focusing on the real protagonists in the conflict: people and territory. A photo-essay from Kabul by Razistan Click here to read the story on Domus

Voices on the Wall

We have been driving past that wall at least twice a week for a few months. A bland, anonymous, whatever wall. Until one day things changed. Until one day the wall caught our attention. It had suddenly came alive. Someone had turned it into a canvas. Someone used it as a loudspeaker to amplify her voice. […]

Foundation for Culture and Civil Society

In the course of our research in May 2011, we have had the chance to meet a number of inspiring people who contribute to the re-construction of Afghan civil society through cultural practices. Here is an excerpt about the Foundation for Culture and Civil Society from our article on Creative Kabul published on Domus in December 2011. “In […]