One step forward

It took us fourteen months for the completion of the first draft of The Little Book of Kabul. It has been a long journey full of surprises and discoveries. We have tried to reverberate through words and images what Kabul has gifted us through the eyes of her artists. We built a narrative in fifty […]

Quasi Fellini

Rain, rain. A slow and cold rain. The dull grey sky paints an eerie atmosphere that looks like one of Giorgio De Chirico’s paintings. Kabul is strangely beautiful in this light. Mud softens the sound of our steps, I have the displacing feeling of looking at myself from the outside. The camera is set on […]

On the street

Evidence defies definitions in Afghanistan. Modernity becomes a fluid and blurred concept. Details of daily life – after a simple walk on the streets – make you wonder about the assumptions you have travelled with, reaching Kabul from faraway lands, with your respectable degrees and well groomed ideas. Reality defies preconceived categories. Reality generates questions. […]