One step forward

It took us fourteen months for the completion of the first draft of The Little Book of Kabul. It has been a long journey full of surprises and discoveries.

We have tried to reverberate through words and images what Kabul has gifted us through the eyes of her artists. We built a narrative in fifty photographs and twenty short stories made of small close ups and emotions.

It has been a longer journey than what we had initially imagined. The book has slowly taken over, beyond the rationality of schedules and decisions, gaining an autonomous shape, its own “personality”. We have chosen to be led, to follow rather than set the pace; we have chosen to allow the unexpected and to be surprised.

With one of those somersaults that life sometimes offers, the protagonists of the book have become our dearest friends, those with whom we spend time, share ideas, dreams, stories and projects.

We, on our side, have invested all we are and all we can do, we have done it to the best of our capabilities, without reservations.

The rest has simply followed.

The Little Book of Kabul will soon be an independent object, separated from us and in your hands: the hands of those who invested in and made possible this journey of ours.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you once again and wish you a new year full of creativity and beauty, such as Kabul has taught us in this journey demonstrating that the desire to imagine the future is an important tool to build the present.


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