We have gone a long way since we started our research for the book six months ago.

Yesterday Lorenzo shot the last roll of film, roll number 171.

In the afternoon we went to visit ustad Omarzad at the CCAA – we had a cup of tea, a long chat and joked about future projects. He then walked us to the gate of the centre and wished us luck. It felt like a long slow walk and when the gate closed behind our backs Lorenzo and I looked at each other and smiled. Quite a theatrical moment: a symbolic closure and a good omen for what is yet to come.

It was a spring day of rain and sun yesterday. A day that seemed to tell about our own feelings: exhilaration and melancholia: a little sadness for what we are leaving behind, a great excitement for what is expecting us. A phase is over and a new one is beginning: it is now time to develop films, select photos and write.

The gratitude to those who let us be part of their lives is immeasurable – and they have very much become part of our own lives in ways we wouldn’t have expected.

A big thank you goes to all the people who have supported us on the way – without their help and encouragement we wouldn’t have managed to reach this far.

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