Sunday After the War

Now this is a book I really want to read.

Sunday After the War by Henry Miller is a book of essays on war, the role of artists and what human beings should expect from the future.

Maria Popova wrote on Brain Pickings a great review of the book.

In the heat of World War II, Henry Miller (1891-1980) — voracious readermasterful letter-writerchampion of combinatorial creativityone disciplined writer — was living in Beverly Glen, California, and wrestling with the soul-stirring questions that war inevitably brings to the surface. It was then he penned“Of Art and the Future,” a wide-ranging essay on war, art, technology, the role of women in society, and mankind’s future, eventually published in Sunday After the War(public library) in 1944. In 1959, the it was included in The Henry Miller Reader — also featuring Miller’s wonderful “The Wisdom of the Heart” — where he contextualizes it with a caveat: “The war was still on, my royalties from Europe were cut off, and I was in the doldrums.” Still, the essay offers a timeless and immeasurably timely lens on the triumphs and tyrannies of the human spirit.

Click here to read the full review.


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