Voices on the Wall

We have been driving past that wall at least twice a week for a few months.

A bland, anonymous, whatever wall.

Until one day things changed.

Until one day the wall caught our attention.

It had suddenly came alive.

Someone had turned it into a canvas.

Someone used it as a loudspeaker to amplify her voice.

A forceful spray-painted voice.

A skeleton wearing a burqa against a city of empty buildings.

A haunting presence.

The reminder that the horror of violence would come and bite back.

A reminder that the only way to escape the circle of repetition is to interrupt it.




One thought on “Voices on the Wall

  1. Love the picture… Strange how things likethis turn up.. even in this town. I’m always interested in the art that springs forth on the blast-walls around town as well. Thanks for sharing.

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