An Ode to the Wheelbarrow

In Kabul you discover simplicity, the efficiency and functionality of simple things.

The wheelbarrow is one of those things.

Useful, versatile, omnipresent.

There are so many things that you can do with a wheelbarrow in Kabul.

A hawker fills it with books and zigzags around the cars stuck in traffic.

A daily labourer uses it as an armchair, he turns it with the wheel up an sits in it, in the timid December sun waiting for someone to hire him for the day.

A dirty street child pushes one full of fruit and vegetable that the woman in burqa who follows him has just bought.

A construction worker on a corner of the road uses it as a bed, cuddling in front of a fire that he keeps alive with coal and plastic bag.

(Dedicated to my dad)



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