On contributions and the count down

Talking about money has always made me feel very uncomfortable. So you can imagine how unpleasant it gets when it comes to asking for money.

The Indiegogo campaign is proving to be both a challenge and a lesson for me in this respect.

Lorenzo and I have found ourselves reaching out to friends, family and a lot of unknown people out there in the wide cyber-sphere trying to convince them that our project is worth supporting.

A lot of pride to swallow, but also a great chance to learn that if you deeply believe in what you are doing and in the quality of your work it is an effort worth making.

The people we are working with – Kabul Dreams, Rahim Walizada, Rahraw Omarzad – are an amazing source of inspiration and contributing to make their stories known to a wider audience is a motivation strong enough to forget that there are bits of the job that we don’t quite like doing.

But there is something else that makes us deal with our crowd-funding campaign.

We are not asking for donations, we are asking for an investment. And this is not just a word game, it is a substancial difference in the relation with our readers. Those who have contributed so far – more than 100 people – have bought the book in advance. The daily posts on our blog make us accountable for our activities and our supporters can follow how things develop, while reading a book around the book.

They will soon enough receive a beautiful object that is the product of our labour and their financial support.

So here we are again to ask for contributions.

We have only four days left. The countdown is unnerving and every penny counts to make the difference.

We count on your investment.



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