From our contributors…

Here are the comments we have so far received from those who bought the book and contributed to the Indiegogo campaign.

Thank you all, this is really encouraging!

i.chambers: “An extremely significant initiative in this cruel times.”

rumford: “Good luck!”

“This looks great. Good luck! I look forward to my copy ;)”

petertlang:”the kind of view of the world we urgently need”

“The world is rich with life…thanks for creating and sharing so we can embrace all across the oceans, love + light.”

matteoramonarevalos: “:-)”

angelitacaredda: “Great initiative guys! Congratulazioni e un enorme in bocca al lupo.”

“Great stuff! hope this project does very well. Wish you all the very best.”

“Hope this contribution helps!”

annalist: “Fantastic project – thanks for being there and finding all these people. It will be a wonderful book!”

RIMA: “I love the concept and I hope its going to be big!!!”

SARAH-JEAN: “Good luck Francesca and Lorenzo. I can’t wait to see this wonderful initiative come to light!”



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