The Little Book of Kabul in numbers

18 are the months since we first conceived this project as an article titled Creative Kabul. A great thank you for this goes to Domus for having made it possible.

32 are the days since we started this round of research.

30 are the days left to the end of our Indiegogo campaign.

12000 dollars is the ambitious goal of our campaign, which is a fixed funding campaign: it means that if we don’t achieve our goal by the deadline, we will not get any of the funding. Scary!

59 dollars is what you may want to invest to buy the book in advance.

26 are the wonderful people who have so far contributed. A deep, heartfelt thank you goes to each one of you!

4 are the main characters of our book. 2 of them you have already met, 2 you’ll meet soon: curious?

1 is the key-master of the book, awesome!

29 are the film rolls that we have shot so far… how many do you think Lorenzo will shoot?

3 are the bloggers who write about us: thanks Tyrell, Sarah and Elisa.

100s are the hours we have so far spent in traffic – more on it soon to come!

1233 are those who viewed our campaign and 525 are those who viewed: these are a lot of people, what are you waiting for? We are counting on your contribution!


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