Someone likes it hot….

It has almost become a habit… A bit of a luxury, in fact.

Seeing Rahim over breakfast in his house (palace?) under construction – more on the building soon to come – is one of the wonderful gifts that Kabul is giving us.

Had we not experienced it ourselves, it would be hard to imagine that you could have a full proudly “organic” meal in Afghanistan. Perhaps it is still possible in the villages to have home-grown food, a little less so when you are in the concrete jungle of the city.

There is kaymak and yogurt from the cow that grazes in the garden with the hens that gave us eggs to be eaten sunny-side-up. And then quince in honey syrup and fresh bread and freshly squeezed apple and fennel juice.

During our first breakfast meeting, while we are still eating and drinking a good, strong black coffee, Rahim tells us: “I have an idea for lunch.”

“Very Italian to plan on the next meal while still eating”, we think and start wondering what it is that he may have in mind. We get back on the car to reach the Design Centre and he loads a big yellow plastic bag full of chilli peppers – as many as could work for the weekly consumption of a restaurant. It seems a little bizarre, but still do not think much of it.

When we reach the Design Centre, Rahim grows more and more excited about the results of his latest invention. He presents us with a beautiful plate of grilled chillies to be eaten with freshly baked flat bread. We look at each other with a bit of suspicion, but we have no choice but try.

We could not have expected such a delightfully hot sensorial experience!

“Food is an art and it is good only if you make it with love” tells us Rahim and there is no way that we can contradict him.



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