Kabul Dreams and The Little Book of Kabul


Today it has been a very good day.

We met with Sulyman Qardash and Siddique Ahmed of Kabul Dreams.

We went to see them a few days ago to ask them whether they wanted to be part of  The Little Book of Kabul. The meeting was really interesting, they asked us a lot of  very precise and thoughtful questions and got us thinking. We felt we were tested, they were checking our ideas, commitment, approach. They are very particular about the way their work is represented, they expect transparency, understanding, seriousness.

It was a good feeling. We thought: if the guys are going to say yes it will be because they believe in the project.

A few days went by, a nice sense of anticipation built up.

Until this morning. When they told us that after a bit of pondering and discussion they decided that they are in.

We couldn’t have gotten a better news: we are really happy and excited.

Working together is an act of trust. And there are very few things more precious and special than that!

To get a taste of their music enjoy Good morning Freedom

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