Our first film roll

our first film roll

It took us a lot of time and discussion, but we’ve finally happy and convinced: Lorenzo will work with film and in black and white.

The challenges that expect us are many:

How do we find a proper balance between text and images? How do we make sure that neither of them ends up in a subservient position?

How do we make a good  book of photography that is not a coffee table book and it is affordable?

We thought of the idea of snapshops – of the attention, concentration and skill that it takes to capture the moment, with its beauty and impermanence.

We thought of drawings and sketches: fresh and sharp, a combination of instinct and reflection.

And such we would like the book to be. A collection of special moments, in text and photos, that constructs a complex collage of the reality that constitutes the daily life of artists, musician and creative practitioners in Kabul.

Not easy, but we are happy and excited to put our efforts in making it happen.


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