How did we start and where are we heading

In May 2011 , we started a project called Creative Kabul. They went to Kabul looking for artists, designers and creative people to see what their life was like.

Many people thought we were a bit mad and that we were embarking in a strange treasure hunt with little chances of success.

We decided to go ahead anyways and it turned out that we were right.

Despite harshness and difficulties, we found in Kabul a small but thriving community of artists, designers, musicians and craftsmen, who manage to give voice to their creativity. We then published an article on Domus, an internationally renowned design and architecture journal.

One year, much research and many conversations later, we realised that this was a project that deserved more time and attention.

An article could not do justice to what we had found, to the amazing creative potentials that Kabul hides. It was so that we decided to invest more time, effort and research and work towards a book,  The Little Book of Kabul

A book of photos and text, a book of visual and textual snapshots that aims to tell the story of Kabul from a different angle, a book about a city that is on the news for bombs and violence, and yet a place where there is much more than just war and desolation.




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